I began my yoga journey while living in England. The areas where I lived had no studio spaces, so I began cultivating an at-home practise. I stepped onto my mat in my living room (mostly in my pyjamas), guided by DVDs, YouTube videos and anything I had picked up from books and websites. I love my at-home practises, and I’m very grateful I began this way as these are some of my most cherished moments in yoga, but I was desperately seeking more. Looking for a Yoga Teacher Training near me yielded little results. It did, however, lead me to find a Pilates Teacher Training, which I jumped into eagerly. From here, my love of Pilates grew and helped expand my anatomical knowledge as well as the principals of quality over quantity when it comes to moving the body.


Once I moved to Melbourne, I was spoiled for choice with studios, classes, events, workshops and teacher trainings. So much so that I undertook not one, but two teacher trainings in my fist year of living here - one for Yin Yoga and one for Vinyasa Yoga. I began teaching classes and soon discovered that every class I teach, I fall more and more in love with guiding students through their own practise. I also continue to attend workshops regularly in order to grow my knowledge base for my students. I enjoy being both a teacher and student of Yoga and Pilates.


My classes aim to guide student's through the idea of empowerment, gratitude and self care. I believe movement is for everyone and everyone’s ideal movement is different. I approach both my yoga and pilates classes with the idea that there is no singular right answer for everyone, that we are all beautifully diverse physically, mentally, emotionally and situationally. My intent as a yoga teacher is to be inclusive of everyone and their needs, looking towards their individual body makeup and alignment and helping them seek answers within themselves and their practise. 

In my spare time, I adore creating oil paintings, urban sketches with watercolours, playing video games with my husband, exploring the city and hanging out at the beach.

I love to connect and collaborate, so feel free to contact me for a friendly chat.


  • Level 3 Diploma, Pilates Instructor

  • 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training 

  • 200hr RYT Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

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